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Welcome future Gringos at Roskilde Festival 2023!

This is the application for you to volunteer at Roskilde Festival

So which bar would you like to work in?

You can choose to work in Guard & Environment, Downbuild, Sambar & Bubbles, Mojitobus & Strandbar, Passion & Mucho Macho or Gringogarden.

Sign up as 32-hour volunteer

32 hours during the warmup & music days. Pick this if you want to have more time listening to music during the festival since some of your shifts will be during warm up.

Sign up as 24-hour volunteer

24 hours during the music days. Pick this if you want to work in Mojito Stop or Champagne Lounge.

If you have already signed up, you can log in here.

Volunteer Login

When you have signed up, you can choose which bar you would prefer to work in.

You pay a deposit of 300 kr. which you can either choose to get back during the festival or convert into 400 kr. worth of drinks tickets. Registration is binding and the deposit will not be refunded if you choose to cancel your registration before the festival.